What is Freemasonry? Freemasonry is a society of men concerned with moral and spiritual values. Its members are taught its precepts by a series of ritual dramas, which follow ancient forms, and use stonemasons' customs and tools as allegorical guides. Is it a religion? Freemasonry is not a religion, nor is it a substitute for religion. Its essential qualification opens it to men of many religions and it expects them to continue to follow their own faith. It does not allow religion to be discussed at its meeting.. Is it a secret society? The secrets of Freemasonry are concerned with its traditional modes of recognition. It is not a secret society, since all members are free to acknowledge their membership and will do so in response to enquiries for respectable reasons. Its constitutions and rules are available to the public. There is no secret about any of its aims and principles. Like many other societies, it regards some of its internal affairs as private matters for its members. . As the exact nature of the Institution of Freemasonry is unknown to you, it is deemed advisable that before submitting a petition to receive the degrees of Freemasonry you should be informed on certain features of the institution. Freemasonry has in all ages required that men should come to its doors entirely of their own free will, not as the result of solicitation by others. Freemasonry is a system of morality based on the belief in the existence of God, the immortality of the soul, and the brotherhood of man; therefore, no atheist can be a Mason.  It strives to teach a man the duty he owes to God, his country, his family, his neighbour and himself.  It interferes with neither religion nor politics. Loyalty to one's country is an essential qualification in Freemasonry.  Disloyalty in any form abhorrent to the teachings of the Fraternity and is regarded as a serious Masonic offense. Freemasonry is not contrary to the beliefs of any man of upright heart and mind, and has in it nothing that is inconsistent with his civic, moral or religious duties. Freemasonry is not a "secret society." Its members openly acknowledge their membership and are proud of it.  Masonic Temples are plainly marked and frequently open their doors to the public.  No attempt is ever made to conceal the fraternity's purposes, beliefs, or activities, which are always open to public scrutiny.  Although Freemasonry does have a few secrets, they are mainly the means of recognition and some parts of its ritual which have been kept secret as a tradition from ancient times when the guilds of stonemasons carefully protected the secrets of their trade to prevent unqualified persons from posing as stonemasons and obtaining stonemasons' wages. Freemasonry is not to be sought in the hope of personal gain or advancement.  Anyone so actuated will be disappointed.  The aim of the true Freemason is to cultivate a brotherly feeling among men and to help whomsoever he can.  Freemasonry does not provide sick or death benefits.  It is not an insurance order. After reading the above, if you desire to petition for the Degrees of Freemasonry, you may fill out the petition linked below and submit it to the Lodge.  Your petition will be referred to an investigating committee which will report to the Lodge. After a favourable unanimous ballot by the Lodge you will be notified as to the date and time of your first of three degrees.  Following each degree you will be required to memorize a lesson and pass a satisfactory examination by the Worshipful Master before proceeding to the next degree. If you wish to petition Moses Paul Lodge to receive the degrees of Freemasonry, click on the following link and print the petition and forward it to the Secretary:    Secretary, Moses Paul Lodge No. 96 P.O. Box 43 Dover, NH 03821-0043 Is there greatness in you? (Download .pdf file) Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. www.nhfreemasons.org Privacy Site Map